Current Chemistry Honors Students

<strong>Emma Smits</strong> (Dr.Joshua Pierce Research Group) I enjoy research because it allows me to apply knowledge gained from my chemistry classes to the world of organic chemical synthesis.


<strong>Alex Irving</strong> (Dr.Tatyana Smirnova Research Group) I enjoy studying Chemistry because of the wide range of fields in which it is employed. Chemistry explains material science, medicine, and many other topics, and to understand these ideas at a deeper level is very exciting.


<strong>Alicia Clark</strong> (Dr.Leslie Sombers Research Group)


<strong>Devran Dannenberg</strong> (Dr.Joshua Pierce Research Group) I enjoy studying chemistry because it has provided a knowledge of how the world works. It is very much like working on a puzzle and using your problem-solving skills to better understand what is observed.


<strong>Beth Furry</strong> (Chemistry BS) Since as far back as I can remember, I have wondered why different materials have the properties they do. Chemistry answers this question on a deep and yet tangible level. This is why I adore chemistry.


<strong>Preston Gourville</strong> (Dr.Caroline Proulx Research Group)


<strong>Cade MacAllister</strong> (Dr.Joshua Pierce Research Group) I enjoy chemistry so much because it is everywhere. Whether I am taking medicine, cooking, or in a lab, I am witnessing chemistry in action, and it is fascinating to understand what is happening before me.


<strong>Riley Stephenson</strong> (Dr.David Shultz Research Group) I am fascinated by the studying & research of chemistry because it is a deeply creative an impactful field. Its study allows us to gather a better understanding of the world that surrounds us.


Jon Palmer (Dr.Phil Castellano Research Group)